State of the Fanet: Friday the 19th

Just Podcast Things

We’ll start off with the podcast(s) since I seem to be talking about Like For Like a lot these days! I’m putting together a sort of “About” page over the next couple weeks in between projects so you can get to know your hosts and our guests a little better. This will include links to their stuff and potentially a little blurb about their interview on the podcast or their role at Plantastic Fanet; more info to come. Speaking of which, you should go check out the next couple guests we have coming up! The release schedule as it currently stands is Gabrielle Navoski on 10/24, a special Halloween Friendcast on 10/31, Jonah Lobe on 11/7, and Jeremy Blake on 11/14! I’ll save the rest for November’s State of the Fanet.

In addition to Like For Like, I’ve been working on a really cool (and sort of surreal?) project called Subculture Camp with Jonathan and my sis, Charlie. You’ll be hearing more about this soon, but as of right now all I can say is… old camp sites are super weird! We had planned on this being another sort of conversational podcast about internet subcultures with this framing convention of recording on location at these run-down camps but it’s sort of taking a strange turn. I don’t know, maybe its just that its pumpkin month. For that reason though, I’m going to be putting out the entirety of Subculture Camp’s first season at the same time. So it’s a ways off but it’s exciting and I’m getting a lot of hiking in!

To Inktober and Beyond

I fell quite behind on Inktober, but I’ve decided as long as I end up with 31 pieces within the next couple weeks I will consider it a success! If you’re unfamiliar, Inktober is a project originally popularized by Jake Parker with the implicit purpose of getting people to just draw something every day for the month of October. You can check out my Instagram for my Inktober posts; I’ve been doing knock-off magic items every day and it’s been super fun.

After this month I’m diving head first into commissions! I got my first request last month and I’ve gotten a few more since then, so I’m going to put up official pricing pretty soon. I want to work on some example pieces in every print size that I’ll be offering; once that’s done I’ll throw those somewhere on here, on my Instagram highlights, and probably offer them as prints on Redbubble. If you have any ideas for illustrations you’d like to see as prints, or if you’re interested in commissioning me let me know HERE!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s been liking and commenting on my stuff. Also, the best way by far to help me do more for you all is to share and repost my stuff with credit! I am 100% on board with people reposting my art so long as they credit me, in fact it’s an extremely important factor for success in this field.

The Last Section of the Blog

I wanted to cover a couple more serious topics before I let you go. If you’re an American then VOTE VOTE VOTE. This may very well be the most important midterm in my lifetime, and that isn’t just hyperbole. If you believe your vote doesn’t matter, or you’re trying to make a statement by not voting… just remember, the people in power that you claim to despise want you to do exactly that. The best way to “stick it to the man” is to show up to the polls and fulfill your civic duty as a citizen of one of the worlds greatest democracies during one of it’s most tumultuous periods.

Next up is mental health, and I mostly just wanted to open up about my own experience. I don’t think anyone who pays attention to my social media habits would be surprised to know I have Cyclothymia. The easiest way to understand it is basically as a more mild form of Bipolar Disorder. I go through longer periods of hypomania than depression these days, but the lows are fuckin’ low and the highs can really weird people out if they don’t know me very well. I talked a bit about this elsewhere and it’s not something that defines my entire person so you’ll hardly ever hear me mention it. I only really bring it up because when I posted about it on World Mental Health Day a lot of people reached out saying how helpful it was to see someone else’s experience with that kind of thing. So I’m leaving this little paragraph here as a reminder that we’re all flawed but our flaws do not inherently or necessarily unmake us. If you need help, speak up.

The last thing I wanted to cover was music! I’m still taking suggestions for the next silly parody song to cover but that’ll probably be the next “blog” post on here. Alex’s personal project, Black Fog, released an EP earlier this month that I produced and I love it so much. It was this wonderful mix of constraint and freedom to work on something like that and it actually inspired the next track I’m going to be releasing under a new moniker: YSF. Both of those willl be available here on Plantastic Fanet very soon. When they do, they’ll be dropping on the new TRACKS page, where you can also find the last complete piece of music I released! I might remix that track soon too… Definitely feeling the music bug after all of this Ink.

Anyways, thanks for listening and reading and sharing a little slice of your time with me. I can’t express how happy you all make me with your support! Have a great rest of your October, a delightfully frightful Halloween, an everything-but-plain Samhain, and do take care of yourselves. Until next time!

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