State of the Fanet: Enter the Blogiverse

Hello Again

It has been ENTIRELY too long since the last time I put something on here. I was thinking about putting together a really cerebral write-up on some aspect of being a dungeon master, or being an artist (of whatever kind) in the internet age, maybe even about my experience with Instagram and all that. Instead I settled on a sort of journal entry. I've always liked the idea of being available to those who spend the time and energy to engage with the stuff I put out into the world, so how about we just have a little conversation on here every once in a while?

Back when this site had a different name, I used to do a monthly editorial called the "State of the Planet." So that's why I'm here to update you on the State of the Fanet! Ha. See what I did there? I'm not planning on making it a monthly thing yet, but I think it'd be nice to share what's going on in my little world with all of you whenever I have the time. Over the past few months so much has happened... I've had the very fabric of my reality replaced (of my own volition) with something much less comfortable, but also more exciting. I actually released a song, Pitfall Blanket, under the project WALLOW. People have actually paid for it! I've started putting the necessary things in place to start doing commissioned maps for people! I finally have the chance to experiment with new podcast formats and start putting my voice out into the world again! There is so much splendor in the unknown, and (without getting into details) I'm finally finding that the splendor of it overwhelms the fear which it usually brings along.

I guess all of that is to just say... I'm back, and I bring with me a wealth of new experiences and a renewed love for the things that bring me the most joy. I am so excited to start sharing whatever comes out of this with all of you, and I hope you'll stick around to share your stories with me, fantastical or otherwise! Now for some less personal stuff.


Moving Forward


Plantastic Fanet Plays is a little ways out, and I'll have more information on that eventually. I will however be hosting a new podcast with Jonathan Dockal, tentatively called Like For Like (maybe Comment, Like, Subscribe? I'm still unsure), in which we sit down and chat for a few minutes with various artists, creators, and makers about what it's like to do what they do as it relates to social media. If you have anyone you know (or just know of) that would like to share their thoughts or discuss their work please go ahead and email me at for more info! I'd like to start talking with creators as soon as possible because careful scheduling is going to be extremely important with this one.

As I mentioned earlier my solo musical project, WALLOW, released it's first single recently and so far your comments on it have been really encouraging and warm, so thank you abundantly to everyone who's taken the time to give it a listen or who's bought it on Bandcamp. There is more music to come, including some non-instrumental stuff which I'm pretty excited for, but music takes far more effort than any of my other hobbies/hustles so don't expect that soon. I would say this fall you'll see at least another single from WALLOW!

Here on Plantastic Fanet, I obviously don't have a great amount of direction. This is sort of becoming a repository for anything and everything I'm creating, which I guess makes sense as far as web-hosting fees and domains are concerned. I do hope that despite that it's easy to find your way around here and I would very much appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism you might have on that front. Ideally here on the blog page I'll be putting up scanned versions of my maps so that you can print them, use them in your campaign, share them elsewhere online (crediting or linking to me of course), or whatever else it is you want to do with them! If anything it'll be a backup of all of the stuff that may not end up on Instagram.

Up Next

Like I mentioned above, there are more of these State of the Fanet's to come! This is mostly just for my own sake, to see if having somewhere to write things in greater detail or host higher resolution images is useful to me. I'm not making any promises because this is just an experiment, but things like future commissions, the big MEGADUNGEON regions, music that I'm working on, stuff that I feel like screaming into the void about, all of that is fair game. Speaking of which, commissions for the month of July will be open soon! I'll be starting out with three slots and the cost while be commensurate with the size of the project, but I'm looking at doing isometric or standard dungeon maps, item illustrations, and tattoo flashing. So if any of that sounds like something you or someone you know would like, be sure to point them this way! You can head over to the CONTACT page here on Plantastic Fanet to submit a request for a quote.

In the immediate future, I'm working on a secret project with some very cool people and as that develops I'll be posting what I can about it! Recording for the new podcast will begin within the next month or so. I'm starting a new DnD campaign, so there will be plenty of posts about that here on the blog; and on Instagram #journeyjune is happening. There's so much going on! I'm so fortunate to be able to share it all with you.

Until next time, Take care of yourself and your friends, keep doing what you love, and I'll see you around somewhere in the blogiverse. Thank you all so much for reading, and just existing. That's pretty cool of you.