State of the Fanet: The Second One

Hey Everyone!

I intended to do another one of these blog posts earlier this month, but time sort of got away from me. I just wanted to update you all on some projects, changes, fun stuff I've got going on in my life, and all that. I'm going to be opening up a Patreon soon so by necessity the majority of these kinds up updates may end up on that? I'm not entirely certain it'll be that way yet, but if people are interested it just makes more sense to drive them there once that opens up (at least until I finish some things and start hosting digital downloads here!). I was thinking about putting my campaign notes here if that would interest you all. No idea on the format yet, but let me know if that's something you'd like!

Personal life is going well! I've got far too many things to work on, but the variety of projects motivates me more than anything, so my main problem is just wanting to finish something again right now. That's why I've allowed myself to be less active on Instagram the next month or so while I work on the next WALLOW single; music is by far the most satisfying thing to finish and the emotional high that comes with that tends to last a while. More info on that eventually! This one also has my voice on it so I'm excited to get that out there and sort of... break that shell that I've been in my entire adult musical career.

So Many Sidequests

The next WALLOW single (if everything goes to plan) should be out before the end of August! I'm super excited to share it, and it's a slightly different direction musically so I hope you'll all enjoy it just as much as you did Pitfall Blanket. In addition to that project, I've reunited with some musically-inclined friends to form a sort of collective since we're all helping with each other's projects. We don't know what that's going to look like yet, but when I have more info I'll share on all the usual places (and here) so you can have even more tasty independent metal music in your life!

The new podcast, Like For Like, has been fun to experiment with and we're finally ready to start recording actual episodes! I've had some technical difficulties (technically user error) with some of the recordings so I've wanted to sort that out before editing/releasing the first episode. That should also be out by the end of August! Ahhhhhhh, there's so much going on. Anyway, you can see a little run-down of what the show is intended to be if you go to the HOME page so I won't bother explaining it in detail here. If you want to join us for a chat, head over to the CONTACT page or email me; we'd love to have you on!

Let's see, I've got the Patreon going up. I've been waiting on my account to come out of review and their support has been atrocious but it appears the page is finally ready! I'll be launching that at the beginning of August! Yay! Sorry, I got derailed there; I'm very excited... The Patreon will be for the MEGADUNGEON and Caves & Caverns Collection that I've been posting for a while on Instagram. I'd like to offer hi-res digital copies as well as the originals for each of these projects, and if we reach our goal every month I plan on doing a DnD/fantasy-themed cover of a popular song and releasing the video and audio for my Patrons to enjoy! I'll also have a Patrons-only Discord server, and while I'm attaching my Twitch account I don't plan on using that very much unless it's something you all really want. But the whole point of the Patreon is to put stuff out there that you like, so if you've enjoyed what I do then head over there when it launches and help decide what I make more of!

I'll be returning to more frequent Instagram posts once the Patreon launches; I plan on putting up a lot more WIP stuff and worldbuilding things (items, dm tools, set-dressing) going forward, mostly so I don't burn out on maps. Once the Caves & Caverns Collection is finished I'll need your help to figure where this little mapping project should go next, so if you're not already following me on Instagram you should do that! I've been enjoying working on the MEGADUNGEON pieces especially and while the Patrons will get all of those updates and final maps first, all of my maps (including the MEGADUNGEON) will end up on Instagram eventually, so if you can't afford to contribute on the Patreon don't feel bad and don't feel like you're missing out completely!

The Main Plot

Finally, let's talk about Plantastic Fanet. I may have explained this somewhere before, but I used to have a podcast called Fantastic Planet and for various reasons it ended. I still liked the name and felt inspired by how well it defined what I wanted at the time: a fantastic/fantastical place that was a sort of escape for me and my creative mind. I place among the stars where fantasy lived. It wasn't long before I realized La Planete Sauvage (The Fantastic Planet) was a thing and that many other people were using that name for various projects, so in true lazy-person fashion I just moved some letters around! (I also like the idea of a Fanet, like a place for fans to gather? I don't know.)

So what exactly is Plantastic Fanet now? First and foremost, it's a production company. My podcast(s), music, and any other audio-visual stuff I release, I license under that name (usually through CC BY-SA 4.0). Since the company is just myself right now, I'm fine with putting my email out there as the contact for the podcast, my name on the production credits for music, all that good stuff. But at some point we'll make this thing more official. It's also my personal blog, or at least it's supposed to be! Eventually it will have a shop where you can buy prints and downloads of my work. So yeah, still painting in broad strokes here.

My dream for this site though, and this company, is to have it be a place where myself and all of the amazing people I know can come together and make great things. I've mentioned "secret projects" multiple times and that's the main one! Between producing music for myself and friends, and producing/editing Like For Like, I'm attempting to lay the foundation of a small creative nation. A planet, even. Yeah that was cheesy but I can't pass up a chance to get poetic.

I hope you're all having an amazing summer full of fun and friendship, and I'm so thankful to all of you for reading, sharing my art, listening to my music. It has been a whirlwind of a year so far; let's see what the rest of it brings. Much love to you all, and until next time... stay fantastic.


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