SotF: The New Deal

Website Redesign

remembers that he has a blog…

Hey, everyone! It has been a bit and I’ve been very busy, so let’s just get straight into the updates. First off, we’ve got the website; if you’ve been following Plantastic Fanet for a while, you’ll notice a few changes. The landing/home page is now a lot simpler and doesn’t just focus on Like For Like, but rather links to each of the main hubs of the website including the new SHOP.

That’s right, we have a shop now! I’ve been wanting to set one up for ages, but recently I’ve have had people all over Instagram, Imgur, and Reddit asking where my maps could be downloaded or printed. That was the motivation I needed, so now you’ve got downloads here on PFM and prints/merch over on THREADLESS. Of course, with that set up I had to throw my music on the shop as well. Currently BAND CAMP is still the place to download Black Fog’s music, but eventually everything will be available here in some form.

On the backend, our pre-show survey for Like For Like and some other internal stuff for PFM is getting a redesign as each of our projects mature and get a little more focused. I’m so excited for you all to see/hear the stuff Jonathan and Alex have been working on, and to release my first ambient album as YSF on 03/08. 2019 has been… tough already, but we’re making the best of it by making the best stuff we can for all of you!

Music Stuff

As you know if you’re a Like For Like listener, we’ve been working on new music the last few months and are continuing work on even more music for this year. The first release we put out this year was Black Fog’s WE WILL NEVER BE BEAUTIFUL, which is an epicly noisey and emotional ride that revolves around a poem Alex wrote. It’s really great and if you like noise or ambient music I would highly recommend giving it a listen. In addition to new Black Fog, I put out the first ever Mapper track, LADY OF THE GOLDEN WOOD. It’s a simple and sparse acoustic track that people seem to enjoy listening to almost as much as I enjoy playing it! A slightly altered version will be on the upcoming Mapper album, “loves” (release date TBD).

Work on that album is going much more slowly than I had originally planned due to that whole 2019 being tough thing that I mentioned earlier, but it’s still getting there. So far it’s looking like it’ll be 6 tracks, half of which are finished, and the last 3 are a bit more difficult so I’m not immensely hopeful about hitting the end-of-April deadline I had set for myself. I’m trying to use the setbacks as motivation to work harder on it, so hopefully I’ll have more info for next month’s State of the Fanet.

Art Stuff

As I mentioned earlier I opened the Plantastic Fanet Media shop! Right now there are two tracks and a few downloads in stock, as well as some signed originals of the Isometric Megadungeons that I’ve been doing the past few months. In addition I’ve updated the old RED BUBBLE shop so it’s just speakwithanimals designs and started a new ARTIST SHOP for my dnd-related designs. If you like the work the I do, even just Like For Like, buying merch from those places or downloads from the shop genuinely helps me and gives me a good idea of what you’d like to see more of.

Going forward I’ll be dropping new designs on all of those places every Friday; once a new design goes up it’ll be available at a discount for the first 24 hours, so keep an eye out for those art drops! Also, if there’s a design from my instagram that you’d like to see on one of the shops, please feel free to reach out so I can get a file prepped and make that available.

Other Stuff

I recently started adding podcast editing to my list of random freelance work I can do for people and I’ve really been enjoying the first couple gigs I’ve done in that category, so if you’re looking to add a professional polish to your podcast head over to that CONTACT page. You’ll probably see an official pricing list for my editing services going up somewhere on here soon.

On the subject of PODCASTS, Like For Like is going to remain biweekly for a while. I had intended to bring it back to weekly in March or April, but it’s looking like it’ll remain biweekly until at least season 3 later this year. That means our next episode (with Canyon Greene) will be up 02/27, then we’ll have a Friendcast up on 03/13, and another interview episode on 03/27!

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you new people who have started following/listening to us in the last couple months. I am forever grateful to you for your positive comments and messages; each one genuinely brightens my day. I also wanted to semi-apologise to those of you who aren’t used to me selling my creations. Obviously this can make it seem like I’m only interested in making money off of my work rather than making art for the sake of art and I have to be abundantly clear: I appreciate every kind of support you amazing people give me. That includes monetary support, but also it’s your attention, your time, and your mutual appreciation of the subcultures we get to share and enjoy together.

You are all just the most spectacular group of friends from all over the world that a guy could ask for and I mean it when I say that I couldn’t be happier with the exceedingly positive environment you all provide for creators like me. So thank you, take care of yourselves, and I will see you in the next State of the Fanet!