SotF: Spring, Forward

Hey everyone, Joe here! Just wanted to put out a quick update on a few things, drop some links your way, and let you know what to expect until summer. Thanks for all of the love and patience these last couple months as each of us at Plantastic Fanet Media has been working on personal projects and updates have become less frequent.

The Big Stuff

First off, I’ve got a new day job. What that means for you is I’ll have a little less time to interact online and I’ll be posting less on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean I’m going away completely! I’ll be using more of my freetime to polish some bigger projects (like the next book of belongings and my music) and I’ll be trying out some new stuff since this audience keeps growing and I like to keep things interesting. More info on that eventually!

You’ve likely noticed Like For Like has been posting less and less frequently, and I feel pretty bad about that, but I wanted to let you all know for sure that the podcast isn’t going away, it’s just going to be a lot less frequent for the next couple of months. This is due to a bunch of different factors (mostly our individual projects), but we’re going to have some great guests in store for you later this year and Alex, Jonathan, and I are all really excited to get back into regular episodes as soon as we can.

Other Stuff

Alex and I have both put out new music this year! Alex’s project Black Fog as absolutely fantastic if you’re into noise music and I think my own project, YSF, is pretty great too. I’m also going to be putting out the first Mapper EP in a month or two, so… keep an eye out? I’ll announce a release date by the end of April. Jonathan has been working on a bunch of stuff he can’t necessarily share yet, but you should check out his website to see his animation and illustration work!

I’ll be posting ART DROPS every other Friday for those of you interested owning one of the Isometric Megadungeons. Proceeds from that go directly to funding Plantastic Fanet’s various projects, so your support really means a lot to us! You’ll hear about our other projects over the next few months and I’ll put up a new State of the Fanet in a few weeks when I’ve figured out the release schedule for the first Mapper EP, “loves”.

Internet Stuff

I just wanted to leave you all with some links to keep in touch with Alex, Jonathan, and I while we work our creative butts off the next couple of months. Thanks again to all of you for your support; seriously, I can’t say it enough. Thanks especially for listening to Like For Like and just being the best following a bunch of strange introverted white twenty-somethings could ask for. We love you all, and we’ll have more for you this summer!

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