I'm In Here Somewhere, I Promise You


This three-track EP is an immersive cacophony of conversational samples, drenched in glass-like reverb, chopped into bits, and pieced back together by a soul in eager need of catharsis. Spanning the length of the project, only letting up for a moment after the soliloquous end of the aptly-titled All is Silent Now, is an abrasive ambience that becomes a welcome blanket of saturation for the listener. The brief moments of sonic clarity hardly affording enough time to reflect on the present before one is carried away on the next raucous journey. Bookending this release is either chapter of the existential-crisis-infused His Voice Fills Perfectly; acting as the inhale and sigh of the second tracks vaguely peaceful statement, this two part piece greets the listener perhaps harshly, returning only to acknowledge the shared experience within. Black Fog makes its debut appearance from the haze of this ambling EP, telling us on a hope: “I’m in here somewhere, I promise you.”


I’m In Here Somewhere, I Promise You by Black Fog is only available for streaming here on PLANTASTICFANET.COM; You can download these tracks in studio quality HERE. If you would like to use, repurpose, or otherwise distribute this work, please head to the CONTACT page and get in touch.

This project was: recorded, written, and edited by Alex Alston; produced and mastered by Joe Strom for Plantastic Fanet Media.

Art by Alex Alston

Art by Alex Alston