Take (single version)

Mapper is a math-rock-inspired experimental solo project from Joseph R. Strom. With the single “Take”, the project continues to evolve in a reverb-heavy musical expression of manic self-obsession and self-deprecation.

You can stream this single on pretty much any platform, including SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE or download the whole thing on BANDCAMP. Thank you for listening and for your support!

You can follow the artist’s other work on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.


Take is available to stream here on PLANTASTICFANET.COM. (and just about anywhere else!) You can download the single on BANDCAMP. If you would like to use this piece in a production or rework, please head over to the CONTACT page and get in touch.

This track was written, recorded, and produced by Joseph R. Strom.

album cover by Joseph R. Strom

album cover by Joseph R. Strom