We Will Never Be Beautiful

About the Track

“I've crouched in darkness 
Heaving salt from my bow 
But you can't keep the sea from me 
Kiss me once before I drown” - Alex Alston

Black Fog’s second album is a powerful ambient soundscape, taking the listener on a noise-soaked ride through nostalgia and existential crisis. The opening track “It Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better”, presents us first with the guitar motif that connects most of the album, quickly inviting the listener to observe an assortment of conversations through intermittent walls of fuzz. This static wall approaches slowly, but in full force, with the second track “Void 1”, suddenly departing with the album’s centerpiece, “He Knows What’s Coming”. It is on this third installment that we hear the full poem that accompanies this album, delivered somehow with both confidence and desperation by Black Fog’s own Alex Alston. “Void 2” sharply reminds us that our story is not over and slowly fades before stuttering away like a shattered thought into the final track, “Looking Upward”. The album’s closer discards the acoustic guitar motif heard throughout the rest of the album, preferring a noisey, ominous, landscape of static pops and hums. Drowning the listener in an increasingly deep pool of melancholy with each resounding shock.


We Will Never Be Beautiful by Black Fog is only available for streaming here on PLANTASTICFANET.COM; You can download these tracks in studio quality HERE. If you would like to use, repurpose, or otherwise distribute this work, please head to the CONTACT page and get in touch.

This project was: recorded, written, and edited by Alex Alston; produced and mastered by Joe Strom for Plantastic Fanet Media.

Art by Alex Alston

Art by Alex Alston