Pitfall Blanket (Demo)


This is the only single from WALLOW, the now defunct solo musical project from Joseph R. Strom. This is also the first musical release on Plantastic Fanet and is available for free to stream and download here, forever! You can download a high-fidelity version of this track on BandcampPitfall Blanket is an instrumental track inspired by the stylings of Mogwai, Cloudkicker, and early This Will Destroy You. The track asks listeners to lean in and open up; from it's simple "two guitars in a room" intro to the warm fuzz that coats the tail end of the track, welcoming you to feel what you're feeling and fall deeply into your comforts.


Pitfall Blanket is available to stream, download, distribute, and rework under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; credit PLANTASTICFANET.COM or PLANTASTIC FANET MEDIA where applicable. We want to hear what you make! If you have a rework you'd like to share, or you used this song in a production, please head over to the CONTACT page and get in touch.

This project was: written, recorded, and produced by Joe Strom.

Art by Joe Strom

Art by Joe Strom