S1E6 - Nicholas Kole / A Peppering of Buzzwords

Like For Like is (usually) a podcast about what it means to be a creator in the age of social media, and how people use social platforms to interact with their audience or monetize their work. Hosts Alex Alston, Jonathan Dockal, and Joe Strom interview artists and creators of all kinds in each episode to help them share their insights and get that nummy free advertising. In this episode... Nicholas Kole, illustrator and concept artist, joins us to talk about Spyro, Sleep Tight, Soundfall, Shnellert, and a lot of other things that don’t start with the letter ‘S’. Jonathan and Joe try to enjoy some tea. (Interview @ 14:15)


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Thanks, Nicholas for joining us! You can find him on INSTAGRAM, ARTSTATION, and he’s got a fantastic project happening on PATREON.

Alex is on INSTAGRAMTWITTER, and YOUTUBE. He's posting more there soon!

Jonathan has a WEBSITE, but you should also follow him on INSTAGRAM and check out WORNSABI while you're at it.

Joe is on INSTAGRAMTWITTER, and YOUTUBE. You can find his BLOG here.

Links to some other things mentioned in the episode: Pumpkinhead, The Dragon Prince, Soundfall Cosplay, Erika Schnellert, Hilda, Dagon.



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Alex Alston, Joe Strom, and our guest Nicholas.


written and performed by Joe Strom. Some tracks will be available soon!


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