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S2E6 - Cat Barrera / Strom Thurmond's Massage Palace

Like For Like is a podcast about creators in the age of social media. Hosts Alex Alston, Jonathan Dockal, and Joe Strom have conversations with artists, makers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds about their experience in their field and the impact social media has on their work. In this episode... Cat Barrera joins us to talk about designing show posters and the Austin music scene; your hosts struggle to find something uplifting on the internet. (interview @~12 min)


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Thanks to Cat for talking with us! You can check out her work on INSTAGRAM, and her WEBSITE.

Alex is on INSTAGRAMTWITTER, TWITCH and YOUTUBE. He just put out some new BLACK FOG too!

Jonathan has a WEBSITE, and you can follow him on INSTAGRAM.

Joe is on INSTAGRAMTWITTER, YOUTUBE, and the DMs Guild. Also check out his new MUSIC!



This podcast is free to download, rework, and digitally distribute within the rights granted by the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Credit: Plantastic Fanet Media. Please link to LFLPODCAST.COM where possible.


Alex Alston, Joe Strom, Jonathan Dockal, and our guest Cat.


written and performed by Joe Strom.


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